Joey's Grails

I'm always most excited about those key books - 1st appearances, Overstreet's coveted "Top Book" lists, and others that provide the best overall investment protection!

Have a look at some of my prized possessions, hope you enjoy!

1) My Showcase Presents Run

I've been primarily focused on the Silver age, as they were the characters I grew up with! Showcase represents what most agree is the genesis of the Silver age, and even in just the first 60 issues, they introduced so many cool characters, many of whom set the stage for future story telling across several titles!

These books are listed on the CGC Registry, as one of the top sets of Showcase anyways!!! It's listed under my CGC Site profile handle, "roulette44", and the actual set is called "Joey is Showcasin' his wares", hope you can have a look!

2) J.L.A. Lovin'

From the days of Elementary school, my Music Teacher was very into funny books and helped me get started buying back issues. I always loved the Justice League of America because of the variety of superheroes you got for the price of one book!

I later expanded into love for the Justice Society as well, but JLA was always number one!

Here's a few of my favorites!

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