• I have been working with Joey and Investment Grade Key Comics for the last couple of months now and I have to say he is one of the best silver age brokers that I have had the pleasure to deal with. His knowledge of all the big key books, his ability to acquire them, and his pricing are unsurpassed. He's a businessman and a family man and I trust that he always has my best interest at heart and that he is always giving me a fair deal in the end

    Big Keys I have recently got from Joey include Showcase #4, 22, Brave and the Bold #28, and Daredevil #1

    Jay Perrault
    Studio City, CA

  • I worked at a comics store in my teens 1982-90. I stopped collecting when I went to college 25 years ago. I found out my 13 long boxes of comics were pretty much worthless. I thought my multiple issues of the geriatric Gangrene Jujitsu Gerbils #1, along with Speedball #1, Justice League (new series) #1 and West Coast Avengers #1 were going to one day buy a house for me. Well when I tried to sell them in 2005 someone offered to buy them by weight. So I was ready to move on and figured my future had no comics in it. Then one day I decided to look up some of the old Marvel issues to see if they went up in price. I looked up a few keys and was introduced to a whole new understanding of how comics of worth are now collected. So I said Im going to collect all the comics I could never afford as a kid.

    I saw a book on Ebay and asked some questions from the guy selling and he ended up talking to me on the phone for an hour. He spent time telling me how things worked and what comics to get back into and the grading system. I learned so much in that hour that I forgot that it was because I was interested in one of his books. He was so honest with what I was trying to figure out and looked for he was more interested in my interests than his sale. So I bought the Avengers 1 from him. Then I was going to buy an Amazing Fantasy 15 from another guy and had the nerve to ask him his opinion on someone else's sale. He treated me like I was still buying from him. I saw a deal that was too good to be true on Ebay and called him again. He warned me of how scams are done and let me know what to look for. He saved me on a $16,000 Amazing Fantasy 15 scam. So I buy a couple more books from Joey and not only were the books he sold me better looking than the CGC grade, I resubmitted a couple and got higher grades:

    1) Hulk 1 which went from cgc 6.0 to cgc 7.0
    2) Fantastic Four 1 which went from cgc 5.5 to cgc 6.5
    3) Journey into Mystery 83 which went from a cgc 6.0 to cgc 7.0

    Honesty and competitive pricing are keys to doing good business in this industry of unique vintage collectibles. I put my money where my mouth is........I'm with Joey and the rest of Investment Grade Key Comics

    Brian C,
    San Francisco, CA, USA

  • I have bought multiple comic book grails from Joey, and look forward to buying even more in the near future. Every transaction we have engaged in has been phenomenal, with Joey having unlimited patience to address all my questions, no matter how minor. Joey is incredibly knowledgeable about the business, and goes out of his way to give his customers the best deal possible. The best in the business!

    Michael G
    Toronto, Canada

  • Buy with confidence from Joey! He is an honorable man and keeps to his word. He gives honest advice even if it may hurt a sale. He has the collectors view on his mind and will always work with you to get that oh so holy grail! Comics are bulletproof packed! InvestmentGradeKeyComics wont disappoint, customer satisfaction guaranteed! Consider me a lifetime customer!

    Matt S.
    Indianapolis, IN

  • Investmentgradekeycomics is truly a pleasure to deal with! Here is someone you can trust and feel comfortable with in making any purchase whether large or small for any type of collector. I first came to Joey as a novice collector, and he treated me like an old friend from the first moment we spoke. If you're looking for a site that’s reliable and FUN, you've come to the right place!! Thanks for all the advice and knowledge, I will never forget it!! Looking forward to my next purchase!!"

    Lior S.
    New York, NY

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