Flash 113 Raw 3.0 (G/VG)

  • Page Quality: n/a
  • Published by: DC


Here we have a mid-grade copy of a great silver age DC key Comic - Flash 113! I've tried to be conservative grading, and have estimated this book to be a 3.0 (Good / Very Good), but please look at the scans to judge for yourself. Book is wonderful on the interior, but has some water damage (visual in the scans) and i can't be sure that the top edge isn't trimmed. Really no reason for someone to trim this book, but the "july" box is getting partially cut off. Could just be a miscut too, but wanted to give full disclosure! Happy to answer any questions you have. Thanks for checking out InvestmentGradeKeyComics.com! Please bookmark us, we'll be bringing many more books to market!!

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