Flash 117 Raw 3.5 (VG-)

  • Page Quality: n/a
  • Published by: DC


Here we have a mid-grade copy of a great silver age DC key Comic - Flash #117, which features the first appearance of Captain Boomerang (member of the Suicide Squad, coming soon to a theater near you!). We always try to be conservative in our grading and have slated this book at 3.5 (Vergy Good -), but please look at the scans to judge for yourself. It would grade more like 5.5/6.0, but the damage on the front cover appears to be reinforced with some tape (visible on the inside front cover). Otherwise a really nice copy, of a rare book indeed. Thanks for checking out InvestmentGradeKeyComics.com! Please bookmark us, we'll be bringing many more books to market!!

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