Shipping & Returns

Shipping - Always free at

We ship worldwide, normally using the United States Postal Service and use their priority and express services (the fastest, safest way). We include full insurance for the purchase price with all our books as well. Our packing techniques are world class (people often describe as "bulletproof"). We may use multiple boxes, bubblewrap, and cardboard, but NO PACKING PEANUTS (can't stand those things!). 99% of packages will be shipped out the same day payment is received, or the day after. For that 1% where we can't make the post office, we'll certainly give you the heads up!! We're collectors too, and nothing is worse than waiting anxiously for your new grail!!

And the best part -- Our shipping is free! That's right, you pay nothing for shipping, handing, and full insurance!!


We want our customers to be happy - that is our #1 priority. We do our best to provide high resolution scans of our books and describe what we see, but there is never a substitue for holding a book in your hands!! our policy is a 14-day, no questions asked, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, for all RAW BOOKS. We will also accept 14-day returns on slabbed books, where we have made a mistake in our description (case is cracked, slab notes were summarized incorrectily). Otherwise, though, we don't accept returns on slabbed books, as we rely on CGC and the various grading authorities the same way you do!

But no matter what, communication is key - so if you have any concerns, call us, and we'll figure it out!!!


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